Website updates at

Vivian Lesny, The Real Estate ConsultantsWebsite updates at have been completed.  Vivian Lesny is a very busy agent at The Real Estate Consultants.  Her hectic schedule taking care of her many clients keeps her busy, but she still manages to make time to care for her online marketing assets.

Most business owners today recognize that they need a website for their business to be perceived as current and useful.  The next problem is keeping the website updated.  When a site goes for a long period of time without changes it becomes stale and will lose it’s momentum.  It’s important to make regular changes to your website to keep it useful, fresh, and interesting.

As a successful business woman Vivian knows this and has made several significant updates to make her website more user friendly and useful to her existing and future clients.  Congratulations Vivian on the website updates!

From a business networking perspective I would also like to note that Vivian was my agent when I sold my home last year.  The whole process went very well and we had a fantastic transaction from beginning to end!  I wholeheartedly recommend Vivian to anyone needing an agent.  I’m happy to be Vivian’s client and I’m happy Vivian is also mine.