Choosing a WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress theme is difficult for some folks. The aesthetics, functionality, frameworks, and code of a site can be difficult concepts to separate in our minds. Recently a question came in from someone wanting to begin a blog.  They had two items, a theme framework and a theme company, and asked for a recommendation about which one was a better blogging solution.

Keep in mind that WordPress is a blogging platform. Themes are a way to add and manage aesthetics and features. This is a modular piece of WordPress and can usually be changed with little to no effect to the content and organization of the site. However, there are a number of ways to implement a them.

  • A WordPress theme can be built from scratch, fully customized to the look and feel that you want. This is a VERY labor and time intensive prospect. If you’re not experienced in the coding and logic that is required to build a custom WordPress theme you should leave it to those who are.
  • Pick a WordPress theme that is close to what you want and make minor modifications to it. This is usually a lot more realistic than a full custom WordPress theme.
  • Choose from the many FREE WordPress themes that are already made and available for you to use. There are TONS of them and they are very economical…as in FREE! It’s a great way to get started and remember, you can change it later if you want so you don’t have to make the perfect choice first time.
  • Choose a premium WordPress theme. These are themes that people or companies have created and license for use. Usually the cost of the premium theme is between $40 – $80. That’s very inexpensive compared to building your own and there’s often some level of support for the theme.

There are typically three things to consider when choosing a WordPress theme:

  1. Does it have the desired features for the website?
  2. Does it have the look & feel for the website OR is it easily customized to achieve the desired look & feel?
  3. Will there be ongoing updates and support for it as WordPress evolves and various updates need to be done for compatibility and security issues?

If you can fully answer those three questions you will have a solid choice for your WordPress theme.